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Energy Basics

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

A regulatory agency within the Department of Energy with regulatory jurisdiction over interstate sales and rates for natural gas and electricity.

Firm Service

Service offered to customers (regardless of Class of Service) under schedules or contracts which anticipate no interruptions.

Fixed Cost

Certain utility costs which in the aggregate do not vary in amount regardless of the quantity of gas sold or transported.

Flex Rates

Monthly price changes in rates, within a minimum/ maximum range that a utility is allowed to vary from a tariff rate due to a threat of load loss.

Forward Haul

A transaction that results in the transportation of gas in the same direction of the aggregate physical flow of gas in the pipeline.

Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA)

That portion of an electric power bill that charges for increases and decreases in the cost of fuel on a periodic basis.

Full Requirements

A sale of energy by a utility or supplier in which the seller pledges to meet all of the customer's consumption requirements.

Energy Facts

Energy Facts

Natural gas can be used as a raw material in a variety of products, including paint, fertilizer, plastics and medicines.

Natural gas produces fewer emissions than other fossil fuels, with less nitrogen, sulfur, carbon and fine particulates.

Texas produces the largest amount of natural gas in the USA.

The biggest consumer of coal in the US is the electric power sector.

There are 17,658 electric utility generators in the USA.

Energy Delivery Chains

Energy Delivery Chains

Find out more about how your energy is produced and delivered to your business.

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Energy & the Environment

Energy & the Environment

How we assist clients in responding to national environmental concerns.

  • Initiate and manage a "Green" energy procurement program
  • Evaluate national legislative and regulatory initiatives
  • Research state and local energy efficiency programs and incentives
  • Track energy use and related emissions estimate