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Energy Basics

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The difference between the amount of energy received and the amount of energy re-delivered or consumed.

Independent Power Producers

These facilities are wholesale electricity generators that operate within the franchised service territories of regulated utilities and are usually authorized to sell electricity at market-based rates.


Average price for natural gas at any of many trading locations throughout the United States as published daily or monthly by a number of industry publications.


Tying the commodity price in a contract to other published prices, such as spot prices for gas or alternate fuels, or general indexes like the Consumer Price Index or Producer Price Index.

Injection (Storage)

The process of delivering natural gas into a storage field for future delivery and use.

Interruptible Load

Refers to that portion of load on a utility system that can be interrupted during period of peak demand when generation or transmission is at maximum capacity. Customers receiving interruptible electricity usually pay a discounted rate or are compensated for discontinuing use of power during a period of interruption.

Interruptible Transportation Service (ITS)

Low priority service offered to customers under schedules or contracts which anticipate and permit interruption on short notice, generally in peak-load seasons, by reason of the claim of firm service customers and higher priority users.


With the respect to natural gas and electric companies, the transporting and sale of gas and electricity for resale across state lines.

Energy Facts

Energy Facts

Natural gas can be used as a raw material in a variety of products, including paint, fertilizer, plastics and medicines.

Natural gas produces fewer emissions than other fossil fuels, with less nitrogen, sulfur, carbon and fine particulates.

Texas produces the largest amount of natural gas in the USA.

The biggest consumer of coal in the US is the electric power sector.

There are 17,658 electric utility generators in the USA.

Energy Delivery Chains

Energy Delivery Chains

Find out more about how your energy is produced and delivered to your business.

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Energy & the Environment

Energy & the Environment

How we assist clients in responding to national environmental concerns.

  • Initiate and manage a "Green" energy procurement program
  • Evaluate national legislative and regulatory initiatives
  • Research state and local energy efficiency programs and incentives
  • Track energy use and related emissions estimate